When Relaxation And Massaging Come Together: A Guide To Padded Massage Chairs

When it is time to get a massage after a long day of work or any other venture, there must be a combination of comfort and flexibility when sitting in the chair. Below is a guide to the top three padded massage chairs on the market today. Many chairs are available, but these three stands out for a reason. Let’s look over each chair and see just why they are considered the standards for quality massage chairs today.

The Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Chair

This is a chair that is made of synthetic leather. Being considered one of the top massage chairs in today’s market, this chair comes with a magnificent design producing outstanding performance. Its name is Executive Zero Gravity because this chair has zero gravity positions meaning, whatever type of massage the client wants this chair is able to adjust to. The computerized contour recognition system of this chair allows it to scan each individual curve of the body and adjust in micro-increments to the body so that most of the focus is on the neck shoulders and the lumbar. This is designed to produce a quality massage for the client. This chair also has multiple airbags and a heating system that allows the lower back to receive warmth. This chair offers a neck massager, buttock vibration, and an air massage for the hips and shoulders.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

This is considered a highly advanced massage chair compare on the market. Having a foundation based on the shiatsu massage professional movements, this chair offers a replicated experience. Having eight programs of massage sequences, this chair can be customized to include a few pre-programmed settings for each time of the day. Having more than 1,200 square inches this is considered one of the broadest massage recliners on the market today. Any part of the body will receive a quality massage with this chair. At the beginning of each session, the computer system of this chair will scan the client’s body to determine each pressure points. This is beneficial. Of the 106 body types, this chair will provide a customized massage for each individual body type. Although this is considered a very expensive massage chair, there is also a great quality that comes from having this particular chair. Very innovative technology constitutes this particular massage chair because there is a figure-eight motion that comes with this massage chair. This is used to stimulate the balance of the body in the same way a client was receiving a real shiatsu massage.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

This is a massage chair designed for those who are conscious of their finances. With high versatility and stunning performance, this massage chair offers the latest technology on the market today. As being able to transform into a recliner bed to enjoy a full massage, this chair has multiple features that will adjust to the specific contour of the client’s body. Designed to help clients lose weight and relieve soreness and aches, this massage chair has a mold of chop action tapping and flapping. These are the effects of a real shiatsu massage. Having power rollers and vibrators place in designated spots on the massage chair, the client’s body can receive quality service to relieve muscle stress and stimulate the blood vessels. This is a user-friendly massage chair in that it is easily controlled with a remote that comes attached to it.

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